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We are a medium sized company and have been „on the road“ for 50 years now.

  • Tank vehicles for food
  • Tank vehicles for kaolin and calcium carbonat (slurry) no ADR goods
  • Tippers and walking floor vehicles
  • Waste shipments by tipper vehicles and walking floor vehicles

With a fleet of 30 units we still are working as a family business. Despite s slight growth we have as a quality oriented company adhered to our traditional principles of responsible care in dealing with people and the environment
Our in-house tank cleaning and garage stand for quality and safety

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  Rudolf Bauer
GmbH & Co. KG

Klaus-Conrad-Str. 16
92533 Wernberg-Köblitz

Tel.: 0 96 04 / 93 26 60
Fax: 0 96 04 / 93 26 6-29

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